Death By Chocolate

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Death By Chocolate – a comment on Weekly

Stam’s chocolates are my Achilles heel.   They are the chocolates I picture being used at the end of Terry Pratchett’s “Thief Of Time” when the immortal, having become human has decided she wishes to experience death.  Knowing that the taste of this particular chocolate is so exquisite that her nervous system will be overwhelmed by an intolerable joy and will spontaneously discorporate she asks Death to assist her.   Death, obligingly provides her a pool of this particular chocolate into which she dives naked to experience being completely human in both life and death.  So were I electing for “death by chocolate” I would go with Stam’s. Read more »

Giggling In Jail

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(Excerpt From Facebook Ate My Marriage.  Republished with permission from Hell Bent Press and the Author)

Chapter 15:  Morose at Home or Giggling in Jail

“I have been thinking about your situation,” Dr. Douglas begins, as we sit down for our biweekly dinner at Vitoli’s.

“Which situation is that? My near death, my hearing in family court in Pennsylvania, my imminent financial crisis that is accompanying my general state of insolvency?” I ask, as the intervening weeks and months have started to take their toll on my general capacity for forbearance.

“Your divorce,” Dr. Douglas answers unperturbed, but adding a meaningful glance that suggests future outbursts will not be met with similar tolerance.

“And what have you concluded?” I ask, not entirely chastened by the glance. Read more »


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