My Beautiful Suicide By Atty Eve

atty Eve

For the sake of disclosure, I will preface this by saying that I met Atty Eve through the random circumstances that I tend to meet authors.   These are online groups, forums, and associations, which are focused on the ever changing landscape of publishing in the 21st century.   Atty and I struck up an online correspondence and I’ve followed, with interest, the launch of what I consider to be an entirely original and genre bending book, My Beautiful Suicide.  

Adolescent angst, bullying, and family conflict are well trod areas for novelists, and were that the sum total of what Atty Eve was writing about, there would be nothing for me to share.   Instead, she launches out in an entirely different direction.   She transforms the tragic circumstances of a tormented young woman bent on killing herself into a dark thriller.

Cosette Hugo, a high school junior, struggling with the tragic death of her older brother, the divorce of her parents and the daily torment of an unrelenting bully, has resolved to kill herself.   But rather than have her family suffer the guilt and shame of a daughter’s suicide, she has decided to become a victim of a serial killer.   Unfortunately, while she finds would be killers, she finds her instinct to survive gets in the way.  Cosette is killing killers and the fear of getting caught or killing again drives her on to something more unthinkable.

This is Atty Eve’s debut as a novelist.   Preliminary reviews show that Atty’s audience is not only riveted by her story telling, but arrives at the end of the novel wanting more.   My Beautiful Suicide is the first of five novels in this series.

Reader of this blog can experience the book for themselves at, Barns & Nobel, and Smashwords by clicking on the links below.    You can also follow Atty Eve on and Facebook.

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