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(Excerpt From Facebook Ate My Marriage.  Republished with permission from Hell Bent Press and the Author)

Chapter 16:  Nobel Prize, Profits, and the Search for the Divorce Gene


It had occurred to me that seeking to make any impression on my soon-to-be ex, as it regarded my indifference to her or my anger toward her, was akin to handing a pair of hedge trimmers to an escapee from an asylum and asking him to trim my pubic hair. Predictable results would follow. But a useful point had come to me from my dinner with Dr. Douglas, and a comment Bryce had made, regarding what I was thinking about at age 17.

More precisely, what I wasn’t thinking about at age 17, which is “Will this gorgeous young lady become a ranting, obese, psychotic in 20 years time?” Now if we can get teenagers to marginally acknowledge the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, and to use appropriate precautions and testing, what if I came up with a test that would answer that question? What if I came up with a simple, fairly inexpensive test to find out if your future husband or wife would go insane in 20 years time? Certainly that would be Nobel Prize worthy, or at least highly profitable.

A genetic tag for marriage I don’t believe will ever be definitively identifiable, due to the variables involved. But psychosis or schizophrenia, these I believe may soon be identifiable. So I have begun to work on my company. I will neither mope nor giggle in response to the circumstances I face. Instead, I will profit by them, and not in some abstract way either – I am talking cold, hard currency. Then I will show them, I will show them all.

Sorry, had to stifle a cough that sounded like a cackle. I will keep you posted.


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