Free Book For Valentine’s Day From Cusper Lynn

It’s Valentine’s Day! 

What is the four letter word that everyone wants to hear today?



There are few four letter words in the English language that bring as much joy to the human heart as the word “FREE.”  

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, and for those of you observing Singles Awareness Day, we are offering a FREE copy of  Cusper Lynn’s Novel, Facebook Ate My Marriage.

Yes, it really is free!  No giving your email to anyone.  No Spam to worry about.  No Opt In pages.  No offer to visit a timeshare in Orlando.   Just an absolutely FREE copy of Facebook Ate My Marriage!

You save $14.95!

Can that possibly be true?  You are getting a $14.95 book for FREE?

You Betcha!  Why is it true? Because AMAZON.COM says it’s true!

Is there a catch?   No, not really.  All you have to do is click this link and it will take you to the free version.

But wait!  It’s a kindle version and I don’t have a Kindle!

Guess what, it’s still FREE! 

You can down load a kindle reader to your smart phone, tablet or computer for (wait for it)….FREE.

 It’s safe, its legal and its easy. Seriously, you can’t beat FREE! 

But it is only FREE for a limited time!  

 So just click the link below to get your copy Now!


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