Death By Chocolate

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Death By Chocolate – a comment on Weekly

Stam’s chocolates are my Achilles heel.   They are the chocolates I picture being used at the end of Terry Pratchett’s “Thief Of Time” when the immortal, having become human has decided she wishes to experience death.  Knowing that the taste of this particular chocolate is so exquisite that her nervous system will be overwhelmed by an intolerable joy and will spontaneously discorporate she asks Death to assist her.   Death, obligingly provides her a pool of this particular chocolate into which she dives naked to experience being completely human in both life and death.  So were I electing for “death by chocolate” I would go with Stam’s.

Godiva truffles, on the other hand, are the grenades we have been using in our running battle of the ages at work.  When a woman in her early or mid-twenties,  anywhere in the building,  announces to the world at large that she is “Getting Old” or is appalled to find out that she is “Nearly Twenty five” our team assembles.   Our comrades in arms, men and women of a “Certain age”, maintain an arsenal of Godiva truffles for what inevitable follows; the announcement of “A DIET” being publicly broadcast.  At this point we spring into action, placing select Godiva truffles in the person’s  cubicle or office.  The cries of the battlefield never fade away and we never stop giggling as we hear “OH MY GOD, NOT A GODIVA!”   Allegations of cruel and unusual punishment and war crimes fly as these combatants in the “Age war” fall prey to the Godiva’s.   By the time they have snapped up a pound of the chocolates we can see the burning resentment of the “ancient” people who did this, flicker in their lolling eyes.  I am certain that somewhere in their chocolate induced stupor they realize that the ages of  30, 40, 50, 60 and 70 will inevitable occur and have to be met .  But at least they are comforted as their youthful rage flickers out into unconsciousness, by the equally certain knowledge that there will always be chocolate.

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