David Bowie – 1947 to 2016 Bowieland

Bowie Land –  Matt M. There will be a lot to say and a lot said about David Bowie over the next few weeks and with good reason.   As an artist his work was outrageous, intimate, and immediately personal.   Each persona, each album marked out something in what, at times, felt like a global psyche….

Bringing Home Bram

Image By: new 1lluminati Bringing Home Bram By Cusper Lynn                 “We’ve got Dr. Terry and her team prepping in the O.R.,” the emergency room doctor said as they raced down the corridor. “What are we looking at here?” the other doctor asked, running to keep up with the stretcher.

February 14th

February 14th by Cusper Lynn   Tim McLaren walked across the parking lot.   A young man of twenty, with a stringy goatee and greasy mustache blocked the entrance to the pharmacy. “I don’t fucking care nothing about what that bitch has to say!” he shouted into his phone. “Get the fuck over here and pick…

Hell – Coming to A Theater Near You

Image by: DeeAshley Cusper Lynn’s Revelation The earliest I can remember being informed that I was going to hell was about age six. That pronouncement came from another six year old who explained that I was going to hell because I didn’t go to their church, believe in their God, and confess my sins to…


Image by US Army Africa Klondike Cab Callahan by Cusper Lynn There are times when surviving a minute is an accomplishment. Then there are those times when surviving an hour is a victory. If you string together twenty-four of those hours, you have what my days have been like. At this moment, I am counting…