Charlie Changes His Mind By Cusper Lynn “Isn’t that Mick over there in the corner?” Charlie asked when Sheila came back with their drinks. “Yes,” she said settling in opposite him. “He went and got himself one of those mail order brides from the Ukraine,” he said now sipping his beer and staring at Mick….

The Old Opossum (or does it signify?)

Image by Kevin Marks The Old Opossum (or does it signify?) by Cusper Lynn Six years ago I found myself trapped between a dying opossum and a small dog obsessed, elderly, property association officer in the subdivision I then lived in.   It was not one of the happier times in my life.   The property association…


Image by: Cliff Bar Bet Lil’ Brutus scowled when he saw them sitting in a booth at the Corner Pocket.  He’d thought about going home after work.   But he knew his old lady would be waiting for him.   It was Friday and she would already be tight and mouthy when he got home.   Besides that, his…

Bringing Home Bram

Image By: new 1lluminati Bringing Home Bram By Cusper Lynn                 “We’ve got Dr. Terry and her team prepping in the O.R.,” the emergency room doctor said as they raced down the corridor. “What are we looking at here?” the other doctor asked, running to keep up with the stretcher.

Remember Me, Francois

Image by: Mario GIambattista (cc by 2.0) Remember Me, Francois by Cusper Lynn It was not long before the war and I had only been married to Margaret a few months when we arrived in Paris.   Margaret set up house for us in a working class flat and made it presentable enough for us to entertain…

Men Never Listen

Men Never Listen By Cusper Lynn   She walked out , her hair pulled back in a blond ponytail. She was wearing the leather, restrictive, body harness with nipple and hogtie lock rings.   She’d bought the outfit two years ago in anticipation of finally meeting. . .him.