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David Bowie – 1947 to 2016 Bowieland

Bowie Land –  Matt M. There will be a lot to say and a lot said about David Bowie over the next few weeks and with good reason.   As an artist his work was outrageous, intimate, and immediately personal.   Each persona, each album marked out something in what, at times, felt like a global psyche. …

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If We Are Very Lucky!

Well Done, Sir Terry Pratchett

Image by:Myrmi CC BY-SA 2.0 Well Done, Sir Terry Pratchett Today another author whose writing sustained me has come to the end of their story.   The end of this story leaves me, and others like me, at a loss for where next to turn.   The last time I felt a loss this keenly was when Douglas …

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Authors! Learn Lester Filbin’s One Weird Trick To Get An Audience*

Image by CollegeDegrees360 Lester Filbin’s One Weird Trick To Get An Audience* By Cusper Lynn “95 dollars?” Dr. Silas Martz hooted. I stared at him and said nothing. “You’re serious,” he said. “That’s it? That’s all the money you have? Nothing in savings? You have to have savings. At least two grand for an emergency. Something.” …

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My Beautiful Suicide By Atty Eve

For the sake of disclosure, I will preface this by saying that I met Atty Eve through the random circumstances that I tend to meet authors.   These are online groups, forums, and associations, which are focused on the ever changing landscape of publishing in the 21st century.   Atty and I struck up an online correspondence …

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Life’s Roller Derby; or The Hits Keep A’Comin’

Image by: Christopher Neugebauer Life’s Roller Derby; or The Hits Keep A’Comin’ By Cusper Lynn Oppressive humidity and the full force of the late afternoon sun were bearing down on me as I walked the two miles back to my Gulf Gate Drive office. “This isn’t the New York Public Library reference desk and I’m …

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An Outsider Artist (of Ink)

An Outsider Artist (of Ink) A note from Cusper Lynn Through a series of random associations – mostly involving the search term, “Facebook ate my marriage” – I have met an interesting group of authors, journalists and bloggers.   When I compare the experiences of the last six months, with the experiences of the previous twenty …

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