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If We Are Very Lucky!

Well Done, Sir Terry Pratchett

Image by:Myrmi CC BY-SA 2.0 Well Done, Sir Terry Pratchett Today another author whose writing sustained me has come to the end of their story.   The end of this story leaves me, and others like me, at a loss for where next to turn.   The last time I felt a loss this keenly was when Douglas …

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February 14th

February 14th by Cusper Lynn   Tim McLaren walked across the parking lot.   A young man of twenty, with a stringy goatee and greasy mustache blocked the entrance to the pharmacy. “I don’t fucking care nothing about what that bitch has to say!” he shouted into his phone. “Get the fuck over here and pick …

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Cusper’s Hope For Humanity

Men Never Listen

Men Never Listen By Cusper Lynn   She walked out , her hair pulled back in a blond ponytail. She was wearing the leather, restrictive, body harness with nipple and hogtie lock rings.   She’d bought the outfit two years ago in anticipation of finally meeting. . .him.  

Someone New

Image By: Derrick Tyson Someone New By Cusper Lynn   Elvis walked down the beverage aisle in his casual yet imperious manner.   His hips swayed, his lip curled and the large golden eagle medallion that hung low on a thick rope of gold swung.   Behind him his wife, Priscilla trotted along pushing a cart into …

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The New Store

Image By: Paul VanDerWerf The New Store by Cusper Lynn It had been ten years since Helen and Hebert had shopped at the good store.   The good store had bright colors, free samples and an olive bar with six different types of olives and two different olive salads.   Hebert remembered this because the last time …

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Image by: phrawr Zones (or, Herbert Dreams of Shopping) by Cusper Lynn “I have zones,” Helen Frodert told her husband as she handed him his portion of the shopping list. Herbert reviewed it.   This was his mission and there was no turning back.    He set off to the produce section and found the first three …

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Calling All Screenwriters!

A brand new way to get your film GREENLIGHTED!

Day Time Television

Image By: Jason Eppink I told Sheila that I would need her to be on time and available for the next several days. This, I was certain, would result in her taking an unplanned holiday to Daytona. I canceled all of my other engagements and then I drove down to the 7th Street Brewery in …

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