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Excerpt From Cusper Rides Again

“Promise me one thing,” I said to Gadget.

“What’s that?” she asked.

“You won’t get us arrested,” I said.

She smiled, “You know I can’t promise that.”

I went off to find a shower and someplace I could curl up into a fetal position.

It was in this state of immobility, my brain undergoing the contortions necessary to allow me to regroup that I was found by JJ.     Being the sensitive soul that he is, he woke me ever so gently with the following words, “GET UP LYNN!  WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!”

“What?” I asked, bleary eyed, synapses burning, hand groping for something to club him to death with.

“Just a reminder of human mortality,” he smiled.

When JJ smiles you can’t help but want to hit him in the face with a crowbar.   Especially when it looks like his mustache is a poorly groomed brown mouse he’s taught to perch on his lip.   When you are tired, brain fried and overwhelmed these are the thoughts that keep you civil and silent.    I went and got a cup of coffee and joined him in the war room.

Monday morning was Monday morning.    The news, offering us updates on the invasion of Crimea included Facebook posts from the president’s cabinet members, Tweets from the EU and a Pinterest page from the Prime Minister of England.  North Korea was still using Myspace along with Syria, so their comments weren’t getting much play in the international news.   The press was going on to tell us that Putin was using Whatsapp to share plans with his followers of his upcoming invasion of other former Soviet states.  Then at the top of the hour the anchor was going to Skype with the President of the United States to find out what his brackets were for March Madness.    God, I wish I were making this up.   I was on my second cup of coffee before the real news and real journalism was to be found.   Local anchors gave the overnight fatalities in Tampa, Orlando and Sarasota along with the latest female teachers being arrested for sex with students.    A bar owner in Pasco county was being sued for publishing a “Teachers Gone Wild” calendar to raise money  for charity and somewhere an annoyed person had shot a person they found annoying and the state’s Stand Your Ground Law was developing more case law. It was toward the end of the broadcast that what we were waiting for finally came on; the Sarasota Police Department’s press conference about the investigation into the Dr. Villa murder and the Julie Bustamante death.

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