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Of Cannibals and Kings

  Image by Cusper Lynn – produced from image by  NeoGaboX Of Cannibals and Kings by Cusper Lynn The phone rang Sunday morning.  It was my mother.   The question, so often repeated that no preamble was needed for it to be asked was, “Cusper, why are you still living in Florida?” “What channel, what news item …

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Shocking Simon

 Image by: otisarchives4 Shocking Simon By Cusper Lynn “It’s funny,” he said, sprawled out on my couch. “Hmm,” I considered the orange slice floating in my beer. I don’t drink beer and when I do it does not have fruit floating in it; it was that sort of day. “Cusper,”  he said, drawing his long and …

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Where The Lines End

Image Source from: prusakolep as modified by Cusper Lynn Where the lines end by Cusper Lynn The bailiff, an affable man of imposing proportions, looked in my direction.   The judge expressed her disbelief and the attorney remained professional, though not entirely plausible in her protestations that these last minute filings were entirely unforeseen and, sadly, unavoidable. “Mr. …

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The Mayan’s Of Suburbia

  Image by Cupser Lynn The Mayan’s Of Suburbia By Cusper Lynn                 My car has taken to expressing opinions about the places I go and the locations I would have it parked.   Resisting the temptation to personify a 2003 Saturn Ion, I have had several mechanics look at it.  But, like the child at …

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Psychotic Spouse Test

Image By: micahb37 (Excerpt From Facebook Ate My Marriage.  Republished with permission from Hell Bent Press and the Author) Chapter 18:  Progress on the Genetic Test and No More Letters I am pleased to report that we have developed the first testing kit for the psychotic or schizophrenic indicators in future spouses. You simply swab the inside …

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