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An Outsider Artist (of Ink)

An Outsider Artist (of Ink) A note from Cusper Lynn Through a series of random associations – mostly involving the search term, “Facebook ate my marriage” – I have met an interesting group of authors, journalists and bloggers.   When I compare the experiences of the last six months, with the experiences of the previous twenty …

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The Monday After Armageddon

  The First Monday After Armageddon By Cusper Lynn There should, in principle, be no Monday after Armageddon.   By logic there should be no calendar after Armageddon.  But if there were to be a calendar, conspicuously absent from that calendar should be all references to Monday.  Monday is the reason, after all, that people crave …

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Happy Hour At The Jackal’s Bar

Happy Hour At the Jackal’s Bar By Cusper Lynn                 In every capital city there are hundreds of pubs and bars.   Most are the larger chains that decant absurdly named drinks into equally absurdly dressed tourists who buy t-shirts to commemorate the experience and then throw up.   Other bars cater to the lunch and dinner …

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Social Media Marketer – Shoot Or Strangle?

Image By: Arbron (Excerpt From Facebook Ate My Marriage.  Republished with permission from Hell Bent Press and the Author) Chapter 11:  Social Media Marketing (and not strangling a presenter) “Good morning, you great big, half-crazed, pill-stealing druggy, controlling, murderous rapist,” was my morning greeting. You might wonder if this was from a cell mate or a sadistic …

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Is Happiness Sustainable?

  Image by: Bruce Tuten Is Happiness Sustainable? By Cusper Lynn For years I have been asked by people, “What do you ‘really do’ for a living?” It is one of those questions that aggravates me, because people always ask it right after I explain that I am an author and a consultant.  The thing is, …

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